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The International Mobility Fund (IMF) provides international opportunities to BCIT regular faculty, specialized faculty, and BCGEU faculty in furthering their knowledge and skills to participate in international research and/or teaching activities overseas.

These activities promote global competitiveness, recognition, and experiential growth for individuals and the institute, to keep our educational offerings current.

Individual applicants from any of BCIT’s six schools, Applied Research and the Learning and Teaching Center (LTC) are eligible for funding up to a maximum of $5,000 per application, including submissions for collaborative projects and/or initiatives. An equitable allocation of funding of $10,000 each fiscal year will be disbursed to each BCIT School, Applied Research and LTC.

Distribution of these funds is determined semi-annually by an adjudication committee consisting of representatives from each school, Applied Research and LTC. Candidates will be notified of the outcomes within two weeks of the committee meeting.

Committee Members

James Cai – Associate Dean, School of Construction & the Environment
Aaron Hunter – Director, Centre for Cybersecurity, School of Computing & Academic Studies
Joe Boyd – Faculty, Applied Research
Sharon Tran – Dean’s Assistant (Secretary, non-voting member)
Rosario Passos – Faculty, Learning and Teaching Center
David Tikkanen – Faculty, School of Business + Media
John Ali – Faculty, School of Energy
Naveen Jit – Faculty, School of Transportation
Tracy Wang – Director, International Student & Education Services (Chair)


Important dates

SPRING Schedule:

    • Application Deadline – April 5, 2024
    • Adjudication Committee Meeting – April 11, 2024

FALL Schedule:

    • Application Deadline – October 4, 2024
    • Adjudication Committee Meeting –  October 10, 2024

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