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BCIT Pathways provide a number of streams to help students to continue their education at BCIT, including University Preparation English Programs, Technology Entry, Business Fundamentals, and Advanced Diplomas in Business Management.

Approved transfer pathways

English preparation

BCIT has pathway agreements with private English schools, which allow students to meet the English Requirements without further testing.

Partner English language schools:

Business Fundamentals:

The Full-Time Business Fundamentals Associate Certificate provides an academic path for international students to study and meet the English requirements while taking business courses. Once completed, students can enter at an advanced level a number of full-time diploma programs in the School of Business + Media at BCIT.

Technology Entry

The Technology Entry (TE) program allows students to upgrade or refresh their academic knowledge to prepare to enter a BCIT Technology program. Students can improve their skills in core areas such as communication, mathematics, chemistry, and physics in order to meet program prerequisites.

Advanced placement

Advanced placement exempts students from completing part of a BCIT program based on previously completed coursework. There are two types of advanced placement at BCIT:

Direct entry: students who are new to a program but have completed an equivalent part of it at BCIT or another institution may apply to an advanced level.

Re-admission: students who previously completed part of a BCIT program may re-enter the program at an advanced level.

Advanced placement applications are considered based on length of time since last enrolment, application status, competitive entry, program approval, and/or seat availability.

Advanced Diplomas in Business Management

The BCIT Advanced Diploma in Business Management provides students with fundamental business knowledge to complement expertise and education in other disciplines.

BCIT has also partnered with a number of private career colleges to create BCIT Pathways: cross-institutional agreements enabling career college graduates to enter into BCIT’s School of Business + Media.

Students may complete and earn a BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Diploma to Bachelor Degree completion

BCIT’s education model provides students with the option to complete a two-year Diploma and immediately continue to complete their Bachelor Degree, or seek employment and return later to complete the degree. There are also specific pathways from Diploma programs to bachelor degree programs in other universities.