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One of the BCIT International’s mandates is to contribute to the capacity-building in emerging economies. International capacity building projects allow BCIT to contribute the value of polytechnic education and applied research supported by the Canadian government or international funding agencies. Curriculum design and teacher training components enhance both BCIT’s programming – remaining in the leading edge – and the economic and social prosperity of the recipient’s country. BCIT’s social responsibility is fulfilled by assisting developing countries in the field of vocational and applied education.

The Pacific Alliance Education for Employment Program is an example for sustainable development and skills for employment in the extractive sector of the Pacific Alliance is a regional program implemented in four Latin American countries: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

BCIT is a member of the consortium that undertakes a development project in Arequipa Peru. This project is funded by the Global Affairs Canada and administered through the Colleges and Institutes Canada.

This project seeks to improve and develop training for a qualified workforce that meets current and future industry needs and standards. The final beneficiaries will be the youth, men, and women who access jobs linked to the extractive sector in the member countries of the Pacific Partnership (Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru).

Institutional capacity building includes curriculum review, competency-based training in trades (heavy duty mechanics and metallurgy, applied research, gender equality, environmental sustainability, and industry engagement.

Canadian consortium partners will base the planning and implementation of this institutional partnership in their extensive international and local experience – metallurgy and heavy duty machinery. The ultimate goal is to facilitate the creation of industry-relevant programs for women and men that enable them to successfully enter the labor market and gain meaningful employment.