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For International Students

Medical Insurance

For international students

BCIT's medical insurance requirement

International students must submit proof of adequate medical insurance coverage before being permitted to enrol in a program at BCIT, and must maintain medical insurance coverage at all times while a student at BCIT.

To satisfy this requirement, submit your proof of MSP enrolment. Or if you have another kind of basic medical insurance other than MSP, you may submit a copy by email to for approval. Please include your BCIT student number.

Most international students will need to apply for British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) once they arrive in BC, but will also need to have temporary basic private medical coverage during your MSP coverage waiting period. Depending on your type of program, you may be automatically charged by BCIT and enrolled in temporary private medical insurance or you may need to purchase your own.

Medical Insurance Self-Assessment

Starting a program at BCIT? Complete a quick online Medical Insurance Self-Assessment to understand how to satisfy BCIT's medical insurance requirement and if you may be charged by BCIT for private medical insurance.

Do your Medical Insurance Self-Assessment now!