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Since launched in 2011, over 600 incoming international students completed the BCIT International Summer/Winter programs from the BCIT’s partner institutes in Brazil, China, Chile, France, South Korea and Taiwan.

The summer/winter school is designed to provide short-term programs to international students studying in various subjects and disciplines. The program can be two to four weeks that consists of technical English and Specialty Options of subject matters in Aviation, Airport Operations, Automotive Maintenance, Computer Systems, or Multimedia and the Canadian Culture Studies. It can also be developed based on the specific needs of each group of the participating students and offered in March, July or August at BCIT.

Group of international students in sports gear posing for a group photo.

In-class studies, workshops and field trips enable students to obtain hands-on experience, and transfer acquired skills and strategies into real work contexts. Furthermore, students participate in a series of cultural, social and sport events to gain Canadian cultural norms and awareness.