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Group of international students with two instructors.

The Student Mobility program is designed for BCIT students to expand the applied learning experience abroad and gain a global perspective. Students participate in a variety of academic cultural, social, and industrial activities through the Student Ambassador program, exchange program and international field schools.

Student ambassador program

Delivered in China and South Korea, the BCIT Student Ambassador program enables BCIT students to develop international competencies through extensive international experience for their career development and employment. BCIT students are better prepared to be global citizens after going through this unique program.

Since 2006, over 160 BCIT students and faculty members from Computer Systems Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, and Financial Management programs participated in the Student Ambassador program delivered at BCIT partner institutes in China and South Korea. The students participated in a range of activities, such as tutoring, teaching English, and participating in cultural exchanges.

International field schools

International field schools provide opportunities for BCIT students to enrich their academic experience and offer professional development to BCIT faculty and staff.

To learn more, please visit International Fields School.

International exchange programs

International exchange programs offer opportunities for domestic, foreign exchange students and faculty to gain a global perspective, experience a new culture while earning credits towards students’ credentials.

Opportunities studying at OTH Regensburg for exchange students.  To learn more, please visit Study in Regensburg.

For more information, please visit international exchange programs offered by the School of Construction and the Environment, and incoming exchange and outgoing exchange programs offered by the School of Business + Media.