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  1. All regular faculty, specialized faculty or BCGEU faculty from each of the six schools, Applied Research, and LTC with one (1) year of full-time service at BCIT are eligible.
  2. The IMF must be applied to cover costs and expenses required for presenting at international conference(s), teaching and/or research collaboration(s), either in-person or virtually at the discretion of the committee, with international partners.
  3. The funding will be provided in accordance with BCIT Travel and Expense Reimbursement policy.
  4. If the application involves several activities, of which the primary activity does not meet criteria for IMF, only the portion of expenses directly tied to IMF activity will be eligible for funding consideration.
  5. The proposed activities must be at least two (2) or more days in duration, and/or activities be an appropriate duration relative to the amount of travel time required. Preference will be given to activities where the duration of the activity is two (2) or more.
  6. The duration of the international mobility activity shall not exceed six months and must be taken in a single block of time.
  7. Funding deliverables must be met to be eligible for future funding unless in the event of exceptional circumstances.
  8. Only completed applications, using the latest form, will be considered. Late submission and retroactive applications will not be accepted.


The IMF does not replace the Faculty PD Funds as defined in Article 10 of the Collective Agreement – BCIT/BCIT FSA, or the Career and Skills Development Fund for BCIT/BCGEU faculty, as defined in Article 13 of the BCIT – BCGEU Collective Agreement.

The IMF shall not be used for the following activities, but may be considered for activities that complement other funded activities or deliverables:

  • Back-filling faculty members’ positions
  • Exchange Leave/Secondment (covered by the collective agreement – BCIT and BCIT FSA (10.8))
  • Employer-requested upgrading leave (covered  by the collective agreement – BCIT and BCIT FSA (10.9))
  • Career and Skills Development Fund ( covered by the collective agreement – BCIT and BCGEU (13.18))
  • Leave for taking courses (covered by the collective agreement – BCIT and BCGEU (13.21))
  • Exchange programs (covered by the collective agreement – BCIT and BCGEU (13.25))
  • Employee development (covered by the collective agreement – BCIT and BCGEU (13.26))
  • Employee registration as a student in Institute courses
  • Coverage of salary costs or overtime wages.