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International students may request international letters of verification from the International Student Centre (ISC) that may be used for a number of purposes including to support certain applications to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

There are three types of international letters of verification:

  1. International Confirmation of Enrolment
  2. International Confirmation of Graduation
  3. International Confirmation of Future Registration

How to request an international letter of verification

Before requesting any letter, make sure that your personal information is correct in your myBCIT account.

To request a letter, please complete the International Letter Request form [PDF], save to your computer and then submit it as an email attachment to

If your letter request is approved, then a non-refundable $20 fee will be charged to your BCIT student account. See Payment Options at BCIT for instructions on how to pay your fees.

Understanding different types of letters and eligibility requirements

Click on the type of letter below for details and make sure that you are eligible for the letter that you are requesting BEFORE submitting the letter request form.

For any questions, please contact


Letters of verification from BCIT student records

Through the myBCIT online portal any student can access free letters of verification provided by Student Records, but please be aware that these letters are not suitable for IRCC applications. However, they may be used for other purposes such as demonstrating that you are enrolled in courses in order to qualify for promotions that are only available to students such as no-fee student bank accounts, student phone plans, student ski passes, etc.