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Academic status is very important for international students to understand, since it may directly impact a student’s:

View the definitions below for:

Note that as a Designated Learning Institute (DLI), BCIT is required to report to Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) the academic status of each student who has BCIT listed as the DLI on their study permit.


Full-time status

BCIT considers international students as having full-time status if they are enrolled in either:


Part-time status

BCIT considers international students as having part-time status if they are enrolled in


Scheduled breaks

Scheduled breaks for Regular Credential (Full-time) programs at BCIT

A period of time during a program when there are no scheduled classes such as winter break, reading break, or summer term break. Contact your program area for more details about any scheduled breaks that your program may have.

Scheduled breaks for Flexible Credential (Part-Time Studies) programs at BCIT

A period of time when a student has no scheduled classes between consecutive terms of study.

Unscheduled breaks

Students can not create breaks other than the scheduled breaks defined above. If you choose to take a leave from your studies, you will be considered as “no longer enrolled.”