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International Letters of Verification

Confirmation of Future Registration

International Confirmation of Future Registration Letters are available for students who have registered for courses and declared a program but have not yet started their program. In this case, the International Confirmation of Future Registration Letter may be used to support a study permit application.

Eligibility requirements

  1. Be an international student admitted or declared in a Part-time Studies program that accepts international students
  2. Be registered only in courses from your program matrix – Register for your first term course(s) based on the Part-time Studies Academic Status definition for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requirements
  3. Not have any outstanding fees in your student account – see Payment Options at BCIT for instructions on how to pay your fees
  4. Provide proof of having a valid status in Canada – such as a study permit or work permit; individuals with visitor status or restoration of status are NOT eligible
  5. Must have submitted proof of enrolling in BC Medical Services Plan (MSP)
  6. Letter request must be received at least eight weeks before the first day of classesyou may be exempt from this requirement if you already have a valid study permit at the time of request
  7. Ensure that you can satisfy BCIT’s English Requirements
  8. If applicable, provide transcripts from all previous studies in Canada – you must have remained enrolled and made reasonable and timely progress towards completing your studies; individuals must have remained in good academic standing throughout their previous studies in Canada in order to be eligible

Processing time: up to 5 business days. Note that submissions made after 4 pm Pacific Time will not be considered received until the following business day.

Request an International Confirmation of Future Registration Letter