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Please see Medical Services Plan – British Columbia Response to COVID-19 for information regarding MSP and COVID-19.

British Columbia’s Medical Services Plan (MSP) is a provincial public health care program that provides basic coverage to residents of BC. It is administered by Health Insurance BC. For a general overview, see the Medical Services Plan brochure [PDF] or visit the MSP for BC Residents.

All residents of BC who stay over six months – including international students – are legally required to apply for MSP when they arrive and to maintain coverage throughout their period of residence in BC. For more information, see Are you Eligible? on the MSP website.

The International Student Centre at BCIT supports students by providing information about BC MSP, but students are responsible for managing their own MSP account and paying any MSP invoices. For any questions or information requests regarding your personal MSP account, you must contact Health Insurance BC directly.

See below for answers to some frequently asked questions relating to MSP: