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Academic Supports & Policies Guide

Academic policies

Prepare yourself for success by learning what kind of academic supports are available and understanding the relevant institutional policies.

Academic supports

The Learning Commons at BCIT offers several important free academic support services including Peer Tutoring and the Writing Centre. View the current tutoring schedule [PDF] for more information.

If you are aiming to improve your English skills, you are encouraged to take advantage of the English Language Support Services offered by the School of Computing & Academic Studies, including their weekly English Conversation Group.

For more information, see Academic & Learning Services on the BCIT Student Services website.

Academic policies

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the various BCIT policies that relate to academics, so that you understand your rights and responsibilities as a student. These include:

BCIT Student Association Advocacy is a helpful resource for students and their Advocates can provide guidance to help you navigate BCIT policy and procedures.

Disputing a mark

If you receive marks that you don’t believe are fair or accurate, you may be able to formally dispute them. To understand this process, review BCIT’s Grading [PDF] and Grade Reassessment [PDF] procedures. Then, you may submit a Request for Grades Reassessment form to the Associate Dean responsible for your program. If you aren’t sure who that would be, see the contact pages for each School at BCIT below.