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International Letters of Verification

Confirmation of Graduation

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International Letters of Verification

Visit our main International Letters of Verification page for more information about:

  • Other types of International Letters of Verification
  • How to request a letter
  • Paying the letter request fee
  • How to access your letter
  • Letters of verification from BCIT Student Records

International Confirmation of Graduation (ICOG) Letters are designed to support post-graduation work permit (PGWP) applications, and include the following information:

  • Your name and address as it is entered in your BCIT student account
  • Your graduated program(s)
  • Your program start and completion date based on your specific timeline
  • Program length as determined by BCIT based on the credential and credit value (a note will be included if your program is considered to be “accelerated”)

Eligibility requirements

    1. Be an international student who has successfully completed all of the components related to a credential program
    2. Not have any outstanding fees (including the $20 ICOG letter request fee)
    3. Students completing any Flexible Learning program, any Bachelor’s degree program, Business Fundamentals, or a modified Full-time program must submit an Application for BCIT Credential Form [PDF] to Student Records*

*The earliest you should submit an an Application for BCIT Credential is one week before your last exam. Students completing a Full-time program along with their cohort do NOT need to submit this form. If you are unsure of whether or not you need to submit an Application for BCIT Credential, you may contact BCIT Student Records to check.

When to submit an ICOG letter request & estimated processing time

You may submit your ICOG letter request as soon as you meet the eligibility criteria above.

The time that it takes to process and issue an ICOG Letter depends on when your credential is officially confirmed and awarded by BCIT Student Records.

If your credential has already been awarded by the time that you submit the request, your letter will be issued within 5 business days. Note that submissions made after 4 pm Pacific Time will not be considered received until the following business day.

Otherwise, your letter will be issued within 5 business days of your credential being awarded.

Once all of your marks have been posted on myBCIT, the estimated processing time for your credential to be awarded are as follows:

  • Full-time program on schedule with your cohort: 2-3 weeks
  • Flexible Learning or modified Full-time program: 6–8 weeks (you must also have submitted an Application for BCIT Credential Form [PDF] to Student Records)

How to check if your credential has been awarded

To see if your credential has been awarded or not, check your unofficial transcripts by logging in to your myBCIT account and clicking Student Self Service > Transcript – unofficial and request official > View unofficial transcript and then looking in the “Credential Information” section.

Request an ICOG Letter

Carefully review the information on this page and check that you meet all of the eligibility requirements BEFORE requesting an International Confirmation of Graduation Letter.

Go to letter request form!