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Our campus and communities are increasingly diverse intersections that provide exciting opportunities for us to grow and create successful careers. These days, intercultural soft skills are not only for those working on global projects. We now know that they are increasingly part of the skillset expected of team members and leaders in the organizations key to the Canadian and international economy. These interactive workshops and resources will help you build important career skills for future success.

Face to face workshops for students and student leaders

The following workshops are designed for students and student leaders who are experiencing increasing proportions of diverse teams as well as international and newcomer students on our campus. The foundational workshops and the targeted follow-up sessions are designed to give you more tools to ensure you are better supported to engage across the many intercultural intersections at BCIT.

Intercultural foundations for students and student leaders

As students and student leaders, we work with a wide range of stakeholders from many cultural intersections and linguistic backgrounds. We play a central navigating and bridging role meeting others where they are. To continue to continuously grow the skills that will help us effectively meet emerging challenges and grow our personal capacity we need opportunities to learn new tools. In these interactive sessions we will explore perspectives and build skills at the core of growing intercultural fluency in our classroom and workplace interactions with other students, clients, stakeholders, and BCIT community members. In these sessions we will grow our effectiveness as we:

  • Discuss how to work with culturally embedded assumptions and unconscious bias that influences our ability to create excellent outcomes, service and create effective workplace interaction
  • Learn to apply the Something’s Up Method to personal experiences and case studies
  • Use 5 essential culture general frameworks to address personal and shared intercultural challenges
  • Apply the Intercultural Development Continuum to how we understand ourselves, our peers and other BCIT community members better
  • Explore strategies for working with culturally diverse peers

Intercultural skills for successful teamwork

Join this interactive session where we will build insights and skills that will grow our capacity to work in culturally and linguistically diverse teams. The ability to lead and effectively work in teams has become an essential career skill and they are increasingly evolving in complexity and diversity due to national and global migration and business trends. This session will provide current and time-proven models and approaches to enhance our ability to discern and effectively respond to important dynamics influencing the achievement of team performance goals. Participants will uncover hidden culturally-based group dynamics while practicing skills using the four-step Something’s Up Method. This approach has been applied across Canada, the United States, and Asia in a variety of organizations. Come see how you can increase your confidence and effectiveness leading and participating in diverse teams.

After the session participants will be able to:

  • Anticipate needs and plan teamwork and meetings in ways that incorporate different cultural and communication styles and requirements
  • Apply the Something’s Up Method to team and workplace situations
  • Use 5 essential Culture General frameworks to confidently address intercultural dynamics in teams and the workplace
  • Share strategies for working with culturally diverse peers

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Targeted Topic for Students and Student Leaders

The following workshop is designed to take place after and build upon the two Intercultural Foundations workshop sessions. They can be scheduled individually and/or in any order.

Intercultural conflict and the classroom

Conflict is a natural result of campus, student and group dynamics. Two useful conflict models will be explored and applied to your lives and work. You will be taken through a process of identifying your own styles as well as the styles you encounter most often in your work. Discussion, analysis and potential strategies will be shared to support your skill development and the promotion of self-awareness in times of constructive conflict in teams and groups.

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