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For international students

Permits, Visas & Status

Major IRCC announcements

IRCC has recently announced several major changes to the international education sector in Canada including in regards to study permit applications as well as eligibility for PGWPs and spousal work permits.

Visit our Study Permits page for more information regarding policy changes that may affect study permit applications.

In regards to PGWP announcements, we anticipate that the vast majority of international graduates from BCIT will be unaffected.

IRCC has determined that open work permits will no longer be available for spouses of most international students (except for graduate degree programs).

For more details from IRCC, see:

IRCC temporary special measures

In response to significant world events, IRCC has introduced temporary special measures for nationals of certain countries. For more information about these measures, follow the links below to the IRCC website:

It is very important for International students who wish to study at BCIT to understand the various types of permits and visas that may be required and what responsibilities that students have that relate to these documents and to immigration policy in Canada. Note that requirements vary by nationality.