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BCIT offers a variety of convenient payment options for tuition and related student fees:

Updates & Notices

Please note: BCIT does not accept credit card or cash payments for tuition or rent.

If you have any questions regarding your account, or about payments or processes, please contact Student Information and Enrolment Services (SIES)

1. Online banking (bill payment)

BCIT accepts payment from Canadian banks and credit unions in Canadian funds and it is the recommended method for paying your fees.  If you are an international student with a Canadian bank account, you can pay your fees through online banking (bill payment).

How to Make an Online Banking Bill Payment:

  1. To pay with online banking, you’ll first need a bank account at a Canadian financial institution.  Set up online banking bill payments to pay your tuition or rent like any other bill.
  2. Add a new bill payee and search for ‘BCIT’
  3. Select from the Payee options:
  • ‘BCIT – Tuition Payments’ as a PAYEE to pay for your COURSESDO NOT use the rent option to pay for tuition as this could result in you being dropped from courses for non-payment.  Your nine (9) digit student ID (A########) is your account number.
  • ‘BCIT – Rent Payments’ to pay for your housing fees.  Only add ‘BCIT – Rent Payments‘ as a PAYEE to pay for any HOUSING fees.  Your nine (9) digit student ID (A########) is your account number.

If the correct student ID is not present, or if the name does not match, or if there are no outstanding fees on your account, the funds will be returned to your financial institution

Please note there may be a delay of up to 48 hours from when you make your payment to when the payment reaches BCIT, so ensure you schedule sufficient time before your payment deadline.

You can view your BCIT receipt in your myBCIT account to confirm payment has been received by BCIT. View instructions on how to review a receipt.

2. In-Person Payment

BCIT accepts payment at the Burnaby Campus ( Student Information and Enrolment Services at Building SW1 – First Floor) using the following methods:

  1. Debit card issued by Canadian financial institutions only (Please ensure your daily limit has been increased to allow for larger payments – this can be done by contacting your bank)
  2. Cheque issued by Canadian financial institutions only and payable in Canadian funds, or Money order issued in Canadian funds. Please ensure the cheque is made payable to BCIT and includes your BCIT ID (Student Number)

3. Sponsorship

If your employer or another third party company or agency has agreed to pay for your tuition, please visit our sponsorship web page and follow the appropriate steps for your program type.

4. Financial Aid

Cost shouldn’t be a deciding factor when you’re choosing a school – first and foremost, you’ve chosen BCIT because you want a cutting-edge education that is taught by industry experts. If you need financial assistance when it comes to tuition, contact BCIT’s Student Financial Aids and Awards – we can guide you to scholarships, bursaries, awards and more.

International Payments

Please note: If you are an International Student with a Canadian bank account, you can also pay your fees via online banking (bill payment).

5. Flywire (for International Students only)

If you are a student with no Canadian bank account and paying international fees, our preferred method of payment is Flywire.

BCIT has partnered with Flywire to process international payments for tuition and rent fees.

How to Make an International Payment:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your country of origin and preferred payment method.
  3. Enter your payment details and track the progress of your payment anytime online. Receive email and text alerts each step of the way.

Flywire Customer Support Information:

Note: For Flexible Learning courses, payment is required immediately or your registration will be dropped and you will lose your seat.

6. Wire Transfers

BCIT does not accept payment from private lenders or unauthorized third-party service providers for the payment of tuition and/or student fees. Wire payment instructions are strictly for submitting payment through a bank. Flywire is the only third party payment provider authorized to accept payments on behalf of BCIT.

Our preferred method of international student payment is through Flywire.  Please note, Flywire does offer wire payment options to send money directly to BCIT. Payments through Flywire provide better tracking details and may considerably reduce the delay in refunds.

If your local currency is not listed or you are unable to process your payment through Flywire, you can pay by direct wire transfer. Use our international wire transfer instructions [login required] to complete the transaction. If you have difficulty, email Financial Services.  Please include your student number in the subject line.

If the wire payment is being made for Flexible Learning courses, please ensure that you send an email to BCIT Student Information and Enrolment Services once the payment has been made and include your bank receipt/confirmation. Please also be sure to include your Student ID number, the amount paid, and the account it has been sent to.