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The Financial Services Department is located at the BCIT Burnaby Campus in Building SW1 – Room 3303.

Contact us

Mailing address

Financial Services
British Columbia Institute of Technology
3700 Willingdon Ave
Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2





Hours of operation

Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Kathy Roberts Director 604-432-8630
Laura Barroetavena Assistant Director, Budgets & Payroll 604-456-8038
Vivienne Low Manager, Systems Administrator 604-456-8073
Darin Wong Systems Administrator 604-432-8391

Accounting Services

Kamal Dhiman Manager, Accounting Services 604-432-8649

Financial/Revenue Accounting

 Amy Tan Supervisor, Revenue & Financial Accounting 604-456-1204
TBD Financial Accountant, Accounting Services 604-431-4979
Nicole Lambert Financial Accounting Bank Administrator 604-432-8640
Sienna Carleton Financial Accounting Clerk 604-432-8493
Ken Lin Financial Services Support Administrator 604-432-8763
Susan Banting Financial Services Support Administrator 604-451-6862
Revenue Accounting Invoicing Clerk Sponsorships 604-432-8836
Robyn Van Luven Revenue Accounting Invoicing Clerk – Trade 604-456-1209
Ethan Lyman Revenue Accounting Officer, T2202 Enquiries 604-432-8716
Miranda Gao Revenue Accounting Administrator, T4A Tax Receipt Enquiries for Students 604-432-8212
Marina Mamertino Revenue Accounting Support Administrator 604-431-4998
Catherine Saavedra Collections Officer 604-456-1055

Accounts Payable

Carla Reid Supervisor Accounts Payable 604-432-8736
Linda Brydon Senior Accounts Payable Administrator, A/P Vendors A-B, Cash Floats, Cola Benefits, Foreign Drafts, Meal Tickets, Assist Travel Administrator, T4A Tax Receipt Enquiries for Staff & Honorarium 604-432-8588
Maria Cardoso Accounts Payable Administrator, A/P Vendors C-N, Petty Cash 604-432-8700
Karen Sue Accounts Payable Administrator, A/P Vendors O-Z, Honorarium 604-456-1056
Jeanine Flentge-Wong Travel Administrator, Travel & PD Expenses, Request for Approval to Travel, Registration/Memberships, Safety Boots 604-432-8211

Budgets, Payroll and Benefits

Joty Sandhu Manager, Budgets & Payroll 604-432-8341

Budgets and Analysis

Thomas Crosara Budget & Financial Analyst 604-432-8412
 Mabel Ma Budget & Financial Analyst 604-451-7120

Benefit and Deductions

Ken Anderson Benefits Lead 604-432-8710
Vincent Wong Benefits Associate 604-432-8702
TBD Payroll Accountant 604-432-8896

PTS, Student and Auxiliary Employees

Patty McKenna Payroll Lead – Hourly and PTS Employees 604-432-8685
Margie Jarrett Payroll Associate –¬†Auxiliary and Student Employees 604-432-8714
Toni Morco Payroll Associate – Hourly and PTS Employees 604-456-8036

Salaried Regular Employees

Rosie Howitt Payroll Lead – Salaried Employees 604-453-4037
Cathy Gee Payroll Associate – Salaried Employees 604-432-8209
Lucie Wang Payroll Associate – Salaried Employees 604-432-8073

Capital Accounting

Julia Yushchenko Manager, Capital Accounting 604-432-8725
Sonia Suzak Capital Accounting Assistant 604-456-1160