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There are various miscellaneous fees that might apply to you as a student:

Appeal Tribunal Hearing Fee

Payment must precede activation of a Tribunal Panel. In situations where the decision is found to be in favor of the student, the fee will be refunded. (Reference: Policy 5104 – Academic Integrity And Appeals, Procedure, Application Form [PDF])


Appeal of Academic Standing to the Decision Review Board

In situations where the decision is found to be in favour of the student, the School Dean will arrange for a refund of the applicable fee. (Reference: Policy 5104 – Academic Integrity And Appeals, Procedure, Application Form [PDF])

Application Fee – Domestic $90
Application Fee – International $154
BCIT ID Card Replacement $11
BCIT Trades Entry Assessment [PDF] – Per test $40
Criminal Records Check $40
Duplicate Diploma/Certificate [PDF] $77
ICES – Basic Report $125
ICES – Comprehensive Report $225
International Health Insurance Fee for international student enrolled in full-time programs $180
International Health Insurance Fee for ISEP students $180
International Health Insurance Fee for single-term exchange and study abroad students $300
Parking varies
Flexible Learning Course Transfer Fee $16
Prior Learning Assessment (contact program area) varies
Program Declaration Fee – Domestic           Effective January 7th, 2016 $90
Program Declaration Fee – International      Effective January 7th, 2016 $154
Reinstatement Charge (after 15 business days) $200
Returned Cheque Service Fee $50
Official Transcript Request (*see note)
Regular Service (5 business days) $6 per copy
Rush Service (1 business day) $26 per copy
Fax Rush Service (1 business day) $26 Canada / $31 International
Online Verification of Enrolment (*see note)
Confirmation of Enrolment and Confirmation of Future Registration Letters include:

  • Program
  • Number of courses
  • Number of credit hours
  • Start and end dates

Confirmation of Graduation letters include:

  • Graduated programs
  • Graduation dates
  • If applicable, ‘With Distinction’ or ‘Honours’ designations
no charge

Customized Letter of Verification [PDF]

For full-time and part-time students requiring additional enrolment information.

Information will be limited to enrolment and will not include fee information.

Regular Service (3-5 business days) $11
Rush Service (same day) $26

Verification Letter – International

For full-time and part-time International students requiring additional enrolment information or a confirmation of graduation.
Regular Service (up to 5 business days) $20

Welding Duplicate Log Book $26

*Note for Transcript of Marks and Verification of Enrolment:

  • Students can choose to pick up transcripts or verifications of enrolment from Student Information and Enrolment Services or have Student Records mail the documents, which will take an additional 3-5 business days through Canada Post.
  • Alternatively, students can arrange for courier service, picking up at Student Information and Enrolment Services.
  • Maximum of 7 copies.
  • Fees for faxes as per type of service required.