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Letters of Verification of Enrolment or Graduation

If you require proof of your enrolment or graduation at BCIT, you can obtain a letter of verification that uses data directly from your student records. Our letters are official documents, feature BCIT letterhead and bear the signature of the BCIT Registrar.

New! Graduation Confirmation for Third Parties

BCIT will confirm graduation to prospective employers only upon receipt of a Consent to Release Personal Information form [PDF].

Attention international students

Please visit International Letters of Verification to order a letter of verification for  Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) purposes.

Standard letters

We offer three standard letters of verification, available free of charge through myBCIT.

  • Confirmation of Enrolment: confirms your enrolment in-progress at BCIT and includes:
    • Your program of study
    • The number of courses and credits you’re currently enrolled in
    • The start and end dates of your current enrolment
  • Confirmation of Future Registration: confirms your registration in the upcoming term and includes:
    • Your program of study
    • The number of courses and credits registered
    • The start and end dates of the upcoming term
  • Confirmation of Graduation: confirms the credentials you’ve earned at BCIT and includes:
    • Your graduated program(s)
    • Your graduation date(s)
    • If applicable, “With Distinction” or “Honours” designations

Need to confirm details not included in these letters? View our Frequently Asked Questions for tips on locating the documentation you need.

Printing tips

  • Remove the URL and page number from your letter by deselecting headers and footers in your print options.
  • Create a PDF of your letter by selecting Adobe PDF as your printer in the Print dialog box.

Customized letters

If you require more information on your letter of verification than is provided in our standard letters, submit a Customized Letter of Verification Request form [PDF] to request a customized letter.

Please note that service fees apply for all customized letters. Refer to the request form for fee amounts.

Contact us

For questions or more information about our letters, please contact the appropriate department.

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