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The Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant  provides faculty, staff, and other service departments with funds and support for initiatives that directly align with the Learning and Teaching Framework and reflect the spirit of a polytechnic “learning-by-doing” methodology.

The grant has four categories of funding: 1) to learn about the framework and collaborate with your department; 2) to reflect on and enhance your current teaching practices and share your findings with your community; 3) to innovate and implement a new idea; and 4) to fund a back-fill for your regular duties. Please read the Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant Information Sheet [PDF] before you apply for more information about this grant—including funding caps for each category and calculation rates.

Application process

  1. Submit your application to the Learning and Teaching Centre ( using the Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant Application [PDF].
  2. Note that the application form requires you to comply with open education access guidelines and BCIT’s privacy policy.
  3. Grant applications will be evaluated by a committee according to the Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant Rubric [PDF].
  4. Grant payments will be made in one lump sum at the completion of your project through either a yellow contract or a departmental cross-charge. Total grant amount requested not to exceed $10,000 per application.
  5. For payment approval, send a summary of your completed project to using the Final Report Guidelines [DOCX]. LTI grants are awarded within a single fiscal year. Final reports must be submitted by March 15, 2025 so that all payments are complete by March 31.

If you have specific questions, contact Michele Bridge (Faculty Development Coordinator) at or 604-451-7004, or contact your school/department liaison.

Application Deadline

Thank you for your interest in the Learning and Teaching Innovation Grant. The April 2024 grant application window is now closed. Continue to watch here for dates of the next application cycle.

Past Grant Recipients