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The Learning and Teaching Centres 3D simulation experts design, develop, and implement 3D simulation learning technologies for BCIT, as well as educational and industry partners.

With the instructor’s guidance, 3D simulation technology brings major learning enhancements over books and other physical materials. Students can manipulate these three-dimensional models, and study them internally and externally from many angles. 3D objects allow students unlimited practice in situations that in reality might be expensive, rare, or potentially risky, and therefore better prepare them for real-world tasks.

Projects so far have included many BCIT Schools, and 3D objects as diverse as: roof framing triangles, CRT and LCD technology models, a virtual heart, controllable pitch propeller, CN rail boxcar, PT6 engine, and knee braces.

The newly developed 3D objects can be implemented into the BCIT LTS 3D, inheriting all its existing features.

If you want to discuss how 3D objects can be used in your BCIT program, please email your school liaison.

Samples of our work