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A Look from above: How drones can support salmon battling climate change | Salmon Steward Magazine

December 2023—As summer temperatures rise, salmon rely on pools of cooler groundwater to thrive. We’ve been partnering with the Pacific Salmon Foundation and Gitanyow Fisheries Authority to scan rivers for thermal refuges in habitat protection efforts.

Drones give growers a tactical advantage—

May 15, 2023, by Rhonda Payne—Read about our work assessing impacts of soil movement with Geosurv Solutions in Salmon Arm.

How 20 Whistler, BC students are getting free drones—Pique Newsmagazine

April 12, 2023, by Megan Lalonde—Twenty Whistler-based students had the opportunity to learn about RPAS in BCIT’s four-week “Drone Applications for an Environmental Risk Assessment” micro-credential, funded by a grant from the Ministry of Post-Secondary Education and Future Skills.

Episode 7: Fly Right—BCIT

Would you hop onboard an unpiloted drone for a quick trip across town? Bianca Rego, host of BCIT’s Fireweed podcast, poses that question in Episode 7.

Holistic wildfire management |

June 7, 2023—BCIT instructor Justin Perry combines his passions for forestry and aviation by using RPAS to detect wildfires. In a recent interview with Global News, Justin explains how he uses drones with infrared technology to map out “hotspots,” or holdover fires, as part of a holistic approach to controlling fires in BC.

BCIT alum Justin Perry mitigates BC wildfires using drone technology | BCIT News

January 31, 2022—What started out as a passion for both aviation and forestry ended up leading BCIT alumnus Justin Perry to his dream job.

On the scene: InDro Robotics in Saudi Arabia

November 10, 2021, by Scott Simmie—Read about Eric Saczuk’s work with InDro Robotics, helping a Saudia Arabian company develop a drone inspection and survey program.

BCIT drone technology maps the development of new Health Sciences Centre

August 20, 2021, by Ben Hill—In the last two years, the new $88.2M million BCIT Health Sciences Centre has risen rapidly from the ground. One of BCIT’s instructors has been capturing the entire transformation using state-of-the-art RPAS technology.

Hearts in the ice: Drone technology | Canadian Geographic

January 10, 2020, by Tanya Kirnishni—Drones are providing new ways of tracking wildlife and mapping changes in the Arctic.

BCIT researcher uses drones to map Antarctica |

December 28, 2018—In this Global News interview, Eric Saczuk talks about the feasibility of using drones to collect vital climate change data.

BCIT Drone Fair |

February 20, 2016—Hundreds of people gathered at BCIT’s Burnaby campus this weekend to discuss the massive growing popularity of drones for both commercial and recreational use.