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The use of drones in the aerospace industry has the potential to make general aircraft inspections quicker and more efficient, enhancing public safety in Canada and around the world.

This two-year (2019 to 2021) project involves investigating the application of RPAS and artificial intelligence (AI) to general visual inspections of aircraft. An RPAS is used to safely and systematically collect images, while an experimental AI system developed by BCIT students tries to sort the images based on whether a defect is detected or not.

A truly interdisciplinary endeavour, this project involves the School of Transportation (Dr. Sanja Boskovic, Associate Dean Aerospace), the School of Construction and the Environment (Dr. Eric Saczuk, Faculty Geomatics Department), and aerial imagery specialists Spexi Geospatial, with support from School of Computing and Academic Sciences (Dr. Chi En Huang, Option Head, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning). The initiative was funded by grants from the BCIT Institute Research Committee (Level 0) and Mitacs Accelerate.