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BCIT’s e-Learning Strategy helps us to fulfill our mission to produce graduates ready to take their place in BC’s workforce. Aligned with BCIT’s Learning and Teaching Framework, the e-Learning Strategy guides faculty and programs in developing student-centred tools and resources.

Digital learning environments foster active learning, growth, and creativity.

Driving educational transformation

The e-Learning Strategy supports flexible teaching that adapts to a diversity of learning needs. e-Learning uses digital technologies to expand the learning environment. For example, immersive technologies, such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality, enhance the student learning experience.

Expanding our reach

e-Learning allows BCIT to support lifelong learning that meets the needs of students and the workplace, creates partnerships nationally and globally, and increases access to education for working professionals.

Fostering growth, creativity, and innovation

e-Learning harnesses technology to create engaging learning experiences that mirror today’s working environment. This allows students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a collaborative, multidisciplinary environment. e-Learning enables research and reflective practice.

Explore the e-Learning Strategy here.