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The LTC supports course design and development for both face-to-face and online courses. There are more than one way to get LTC support (below). Choose a development model that fits your situation to work with the LTC. Contact an Instructional Development Consultant (IDC) or the LTC liaison for your school to discuss to determine which approach is more suitable for you. Course design and development becomes a great opportunity for faculty development when instructors take initiatives and build their capacities.

Here is the Course Development Guide [DOCX] and you can find other related job-aids on the Resources page.

Course development models

Instructional design

The IDCs help BCIT instructors identify learning outcomes and align the outcomes with content, learning activities, and authentic assessments to ensure design/ content integrity. They also provide suggestions on teaching and learning strategies (including the use of technology), and make sure that technologies are used in a pedagogically sound way, especially in an online learning environment.

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