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Supporting Faculty

The Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) will support you in a variety of ways through the Summer as you prepare to offer your course(s) in September:

In the Learning Hub – Through the eLearning Coaching Course:

Self-help Modules

Explore the following self-help modules for resources and templates available in the Learning Hub.

Planning your Online Course

  • Planning & Building your course for online delivery
  • Online Assessment & Evaluation
  • Communicating, Engaging & Building your Learning Community
  • Facilitating Learning through Discussion Forums
  • Virtual Teamwork

Building your Online Course

  • Online Assessment & Evaluation
  • Using & Creating Open Education Resources
  • Using Audio, Video & Graphics in your Teaching

Teaching your Online Course

  • Communicating, Engaging & Building your Learning Community
  • Facilitating Learning through Discussion Forums
  • Using Virtual Classrooms
  • Virtual Teamwork
  • Facilitating Learning Online

Recordings of Past Live Sessions

Watch previously recorded sessions in the Virtual Classroom. Links will take you to the recordings directly.

Planning your Online Course

Building your Online Course

Teaching your Online Course

Discussion Clinics

Discussion fora in the eLearning Coaching course will continue to be monitored by IDCs during the Summer months. Feel free to post your questions at any time.

How to find the eLearning Coaching course:

You will first need to go to the home page of the Learning Hub itself, the first page that you land on after logging in. From there, you first need to register yourself for the BCIT eLearning Coaching course.

These are the steps to self-register:

  1. Log in to the Learning Hub at
  2. In the navigation menu click on myTools
  3. Select Self Registration at the bottom of the menu
  4. Find BCIT eLearning Coaching in the list and click on the link
  5. Fill in the form and submit it

To access the eLearning Coaching course after you have registered, go back to the Learning Hub main page:

  1. From the Learning Hub Home Page, scroll down to see the My Courses listing.
  2. Click on the BCIT eLearning Coaching course which will be in the 2020 Ongoing term.
  3. If you can’t find it, you can search for it in MyCourses. You will be enrolled as a student.

Once you are in the eLearning Coaching course:

  • There are modules in the Content section for your reference
  • There are asynchronous discussion forums in Discussions for your participation
  • There are scheduled live sessions in the Virtual Classroom. You don’t need to register in advance for these. Just show up at the scheduled time and do the following:
  1. At the start time of the session you want to attend, go to the navigation bar in the course, click on Activities and then Virtual Classroom. You might have to change the view from 10 to “50 Rows per page” to see all the options.
  2. Click on the current date and time to launch your virtual classroom session.

Ongoing Courses

The following workshops/courses will be available for registration throughout the Summer months. Click on the links below to see schedule and to register:

Helpdesk Support

The Educational Technology Helpdesk will be open during the Summer months and will accept inquiries by phone, so you can actually talk to a person:

Please type “The Learning Hub” in the subject line
Phone 604-412-7444 (option 2)
Toll-free 1-800-351-5533 (option 2)

LTC Website

The LTC website includes a large number of resources that you can explore to help you design, teach or transform your students’ learning experience using technology:

School’s eLearning Champions

Each school has also established eLearning Champions who will be available to answer your queries:

School eLearning Champions

Business & Media


Computing & Academic Studies

Erika Ram 604-412-7489

Janet Zlotnik 604-451-6709

Jason Moore 604-451-7178

Jennifer Wolf 604-432-8297

Construction & the Environment TBA
Energy TBA
Health Sciences TBA

BBY – Naveen Jit

AIC – Lee Achtemichuk


BMC – Serhat Beyenir