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How do we make flight sustainable?Dr. Eric Saczuk and Nathan Zvi headshots on Fireweed artwork

We are on the move again. We live where we want, we work where we want, and for many of us, that means more time on the tarmac. But how can we reconcile all the jet-setting with the realities of the airline industry’s impact on our environment? What alternatives to traditional flight are emerging? In this episode, Bianca Rego – who has struggled with a lifetime fear of flying – speaks with Nathan Zvi, climate innovator and host of The Net Zero Life podcast. She also chats with Dr. Eric Saczuk, who integrates his environmental research with adventurous travel to off-the-beaten path destinations, and oversees the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Hub at BCIT.

In this episode

Nathan, bald with beard wearing black glasses and a blue shirt that says love parks
Nathan Zvi, Host, Net Life Zero podcast
Eric with beard, blue winter jacket and sitting by the staircase
Dr. Eric Saczuk, Instructor, BCIT Geomatics and Head, BCIT RPAS Hub