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How electric vehicles are driving change

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We’re already living in the future—the future of transportation, that is! Many of us are now opting for electric vehicles, but it’s still not the easiest choice. Plus, as more EVs come online, how will our infrastructure adapt to meet the demand? We talk to BCIT’s Clay Howey about the future of our power grids and the challenge of generating enough renewable electricity. We also speak with Mark Zacharias from Clean Energy Canada about when we’ll reach the tipping point for EVs….meaning when will choosing an EV become a “no-brainer”?

“The tipping point for electric vehicle adoption in Canada is probably going to be 2024 or 2025, where internal combustion vehicles become cost comparative to electric vehicles or even fuel cell vehicles… Particularly the more you drive, the more you save if you have an EV.” – Mark Zacharias, Clean Energy Canada

In this episode

In episode 6, we speak to Amanda Bates, mom and entrepreneur who opted to switch gears from driving a gas fueled car to an EV in the hopes of limiting her carbon footprint. We also hear from Clay Howey from the BCIT Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART) about the current demand all over the world for EV charging infrastructure as the popularity of owning an EV soars.  Mark Zacharias from Clean Energy Canada also discusses incentives and government policies in the country that make owning an EV cheaper than most people think.

Mark Zacharias in a suit and blue backdrop
Mark Zacharias, Clean Energy Canada


9:12- Microgrids

16:03- Electric Charging Stations

Transcript – Episode 6