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Building resilience at work and schoolTwo female guests highlighted on the atwork for Season Two - Episode 5 of Fireweed

Our approaches to school and work are changing. Success isn’t just about masochistically pushing yourself beyond your limits anymore — it’s about nurturing sustainable relationships with your studies and your career. At the same time, nobody said it was meant to be easy. In this episode, host Bianca Rego speaks with BCIT’s Gurleen Bhatia and Laura Vail, experts who are evolving our learning and working environments to be more human-centric. Next, she’s joined by Diosa Femme -one half of the hard-working podcasting duo behind Locatora Radio – to talk about “multi-hyphenate careers” and avoiding burnout.

In this episode

Gurleen Bhatia, a female with black should length hair, wearing pink blouse and black cardigan.
Gurleen Bhatia, Instructor, BCIT Occupational Health and Safety
Laura Vail with red lipstick, long black hair, and a pink scarf.
Laura Vail, Senior Director, BCIT Student Success
Diosa Femme with shoulder length brown hair, gold earrings, gold necklace, red lipstick, tattoo on the shoulder, and a pink blouse
Diosa Femme, Co-founder, Locatora Productions