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Debunking the mythsHazrah Moothoo and Josh Beckett pictured on cover art for Fireweed, the BCIT podcast

Recreational cannabis has become ubiquitous, and with it, an entire encyclopedia of products and terms. Vapes, edibles, carbonated beverages, THC, CBD, terpenes — there’s a lot of lingo out there. In this episode, Bianca Rego speaks with Michael Chan and Hazrah Moothoo of BCIT’s Natural Health and Food Products Research Group to get a vocabulary lesson and a better sense of how the plant is being studied and brought to market. Then she’s joined by Josh Beckett — a master grower from Magi Cannabis on Saltspring Island, for a conversation about where this high-growth industry is headed next.

In this episode

Hazrah Moothoo with brown shoulder length hair, black glasses, white dress shirt, and a black cardigan
Hazrah Moothoo, DipIT, BSC, Research Assistant, Natural Health and Food Products Research Group
Michael Chan with black short hair and brownish grey polo shirt
Michael Chan, PhD, Research Associate, Natural Health and Food Products Research Group
Joshua Beckett in with short grey hair and forest green jacket
Joshua Beckett, Principal, Magi Cannabis