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Fireweed is the very first flower to grow back after the devastation of a forest fire. The quintessential British Columbian plant, fireweed represents resilience and adaptability—as do we. Fireweed is an award-winning podcast brought to you by the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

After the devastation of a forest fire, the first plant to grow back is fireweed. A vibrant wildflower from the Pacific Northwest, it symbolizes hope, resilience, and adaptability—things we could all use a little more of right now.

Adaptability is now seen as a critical skill by leading employers across the country. But the trick is, we need to adapt in the right ways, ways that will help us move forward, together. In this podcast, host Bianca Rego interviews students, academics and thought leaders from business and tech who are working to create resilient systems, built to handle change. Seasons one and two of Fireweed is aimed at encouraging lifelong learning and resiliency.  

Fireweed is a Gold award recipient of the 2023 AVA Digital Awards and a Silver award recipient of the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) 2023 Awards of Excellence.

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Season one episode three: 10 billion attacks a day? Stylized artwork for episode 3 of the Fireweed podcast: Cybersecurity

How industry and individuals can protect themselves online

Cybersecurity experts and IT departments warn us about it, but how seriously do we really take our online security? More time online means more time at risk…or does it? Host Maria Vinca speaks with Derek Manky, Chief of Security Insights & Global Threat Alliances for Fortinet about the dangers of doing business in our hyper-connected world, and ways in which industry is fighting back against cybercrime and fraud. Maria also explores a personal story of fraud first hand with Digital Cyber Crimes Investigator Steve Wilson, who shares tips on how to protect ourselves online.

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Meet our host

black and white photo of a female with long blonde hair, a lapel mic, wearing a white v neck long sleeve top
Bianca Rego, host of Fireweed

Bianca Rego is a BCIT Broadcast and Online Journalism Alumna and Producer and Radio Host at Corus Entertainment. She has contributed for several publications which include CKNW, CBC, and Point Grey Living Magazine.

Bianca’s ability to orchestrate engaging narratives has been widely acclaimed throughout her professional endeavours. She was the recipient of the 2020 CBC Alexis Mazurin Award for her radio documentary about Postpartum Depression and received the 2021 BC Association of Broadcasters Pioneer Award for excellence in broadcasting. Bianca strives to amplify the voices of communities targeted by oppression to shift the social narrative toward inclusivity, representation, and reconciliation.

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