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Building climate resilient communities

We’re already living with the devastating impact of climate change. Wildfires, torrential rain, and heat domes in British Columbia have caused billions of dollars in damage in just the last couple of years. But British Columbians aren’t going down without a fight. Cities are setting a new standard for climate resilient housing. Vancouver has promised to become the “greenest place on the planet,” partly by passing a new building code that says every new home must be a passive home. In conversation with Alexandre Hebert, Manager of BCIT Zero Energy/Emissions Buildings Learning Centre, host Bianca Rego finds out what a passive home is and how it can help cut green house gas emissions. Bianca also gets a first-hand look at the passive home that Mike Cairns built for his family in Langley, BC.

In this episode

Alexandre Hebert leads a tour of BCIT sustainable areas
Alexandre Hebert leads a tour of BCIT focused on sustainability.
Mike Cairns
Mike Cairns