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Fireweed Episode 3 artwork, with photos of two individualsHow Gen Z is redefining real estate

Ziggy and Kate Linklater are both 27-years-old and they’ve just achieved the impossible dream — owning their own home in one of the world’s most expensive cities. Surveys show that most Canadians under 30 have given up on the dream of home ownership. Host Bianca Rego talks to Ziggy about how he and Kate managed to purchase a 1,000 square foot condo without any financial help from family and friends. Finally, BCIT Alum Steve Jagger from Addy Invest, talks about why he thinks real estate crowdfunding platforms can help Gen Zers buy their own place to live.

Just a note BCIT doesn’t endorse any investments or investment companies – but it sure makes for an interesting conversation.

Casual shot of Ziggy and Kate Linklater dressed in winter clothing
Ziggy Linklater, shown here with wife Kate Linklater, is an art director and designer based in British Columbia. He has been working with clients across a diverse range of industries for over eight years and enjoys taking on new design challenges.