Board of Governors

BCIT is a public post-secondary institution established by the government of British Columbia under the College and Institute Act. It is administered under the authority of the Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training by a Board of Governors consisting of:

The Board of Governors is the link between the provincial government and the Senior Team. Governors are stewards of the Institute. They have the responsibility to oversee the conduct of the business, supervise management and endeavour to ensure that all major issues affecting the business and affairs of the Institute are given proper consideration. Their responsibilities are to collectively provide their best judgment, independent of management, ensuring effective achievement and advancement of the public policy objectives for the Institute set by government. The Board’s focus is primarily long term and it is actively involved in strategic planning, prioritization of objectives, succession planning and risk management. The Board interprets the provincial government’s requirements and objectives to the Senior Team and reports to the Province on its stewardship of the Institute’s resources. The Board is accountable to the Province and the public for the achievement of the public policy objectives of the Institute set by the government.

The Board plays a critical role in ensuring the Institute in its entirety is working towards a common goal. To be successful, the Board must assure itself that appropriate systems of governance, leadership and stewardship are in place. To do this, coincident with empowering management to manage, is the principal challenge the Board faces.

The President of BCIT and the Chair of the Education Council are non-voting/ex-officio members of the Board. The BCIT Board of Governors Chair, and the President are ex-officio members of all Board Committees.

Order in Council Members

Kathy Corrigan

Kathy Corrigan

Kathy Corrigan has served two terms as MLA (Burnaby-Deer Lake) for the B.C. Legislative Assembly and she has held the position of BCIT Board Chair from June 2018 to June 2019.

Appointed: December 31, 2017; expires July 31, 2021

Doug Eveneshen, Chair

Doug Eveneshen

Doug Eveneshen has been elected as Board Chair on June 25, 2019 by the Board of Governors. Mr. Eveneshen  is the Chief Executive Officer at the Stabilization Central Credit Union. He was formerly President and CEO of Community Savings Credit Union.

Appointed: July 31, 2018; term expires July 31, 2021

Anne Harvey

Anne Harvey

Anne Harvey is an executive coach and management consultant.  Previously she was Vice President of Employee Engagement at Vancouver Coastal Health.

Appointed: July 31, 2018; term expires July 31, 2022

Robert Phillips

Robert Phillips

Mr. Phillips is a First Nations Summit Task Group Member (political executive), which is mandated to carry out specific tasks related to Aboriginal Title and Rights negotiations with British Columbia and Canada and other issues of common concern to First Nations in British Columbia.

Appointed: January 29, 2018; term expires July 31, 2020

Dan Reader

Dan Reader
Dan Reader has been employed with Murray Latta Progressive Machine Inc., a Surrey, BC based custom machinery manufacturer since 1986 and part-owner and President since 1996.

Appointed: January 1, 2019; term expires July 31, 2020

Balwant Sanghera

Balwant Sanghera

Balwant Sanghera is a well-respected educator, community activist and bridge builder between various communities and groups. Mr. Sanghera received his B.Sc. degree from Punjab University in India. He earned his B.Ed. degree from Notre Dame University and Master of Education degree from the University of British Columbia.

Appointed: July 31, 2018; term expires July 31, 2022

Ryan Tones

Ryan Tones

Ryan Tones is senior vice president and district manager with Kiewit Infrastructure Group, part of Kiewit Corporation.

Appointed: December 2, 2016; term expires July 31, 2021

Cathy Young

Cathy Young is a Principal of Young Strategies Ltd., working as a governance and public-private partnership advisor to public sector clients by assisting them in corporate and project governance, as well as in the development of procurement processes, project planning, and commercial contract terms.

Appointed: May 29, 2014; term expires July 31, 2020

BCIT Elected Members

Vasyl Baryshnikov, Student Representative

Vasyl Baryshnikov

Vasyl (Vasiliy) Baryshnikov joined the Board of Governors in June 2017 and is an elected student member.

Appointed: June 1, 2017; term expires May 31, 2020

Emery Biggar, BCGEU Support Representative

Emery Biggar

Mr. Emery Biggar (Corporate Services) joined BCIT in July 2008 as a Customer Service Representative in the Registrar’s Office.  In 2009, he transferred to Corporate Services and more recently since March 2014, he moved into the role of Risk Management / Insurance Coordinator.

Appointed: June 1, 2018, term expires May 31, 2021

Justin Cervantes, President of the Student Association (BCITSA)

Justin Cervantes has been elected by BCIT students as the President of the Student Association 2019/20, commencing May 31, 2019.

Appointed: June 1, 2019, term expires May 31, 2020

Judy Shandler, Faculty & Staff Representative

Judy Shandler

Judy Shandler has been working in post-secondary for over 30 years. She began working at BCIT as a part-time studies instructor in 1988 teaching AutoCAD in the school of Mechanical Design.

Appointed: February 1, 2019, term expires May 31, 2022

BCIT Ex-Officio Members

Kathy Kinloch, President

Kathy Kinloch

Kathy is recognized for leading organizational renewal in complex environments. Through a number of senior leadership and executive roles, she has spearheaded change initiatives in the post-secondary as well as government and health care sectors.

Jennifer Figner, Chair of Education Council

Jennifer Figner

Jennifer joined BCIT as Faculty in 2005 and is currently Associate Vice President, Implementation and Integration in the Vice President Academic's office. She has also been an an instructor of students in the Accounting, Finance and Financial Planning programs. Jennifer is a graduate of UBC's Sauder School of Business with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Finance and holds her CPA, CA designation from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of British Columbia.

Elected: June 1, 2017; term expires May 31, 2020

Meetings and Minutes

  • Thursday February 19, 2020, 1:00 p.m. DTC - Rooms 282/284
  • Tuesday March 17, 2020, 10:30 a.m. BMC - Room 110, 265 Esplanade, North Vancouver
  • Tuesday May 26, 2020, 10:30 a.m. AIC, Step-Up Room, 2nd Floor, Delta
  • Tuesday June 23, 2020, 1:00 p.m. BBY, Room SE40 - Royal Oak Board Room
  • Tuesday October 6, 2020, 1:00 p.m. DTC - Rooms 282/284
  • Thursday December 3, 2020, 1:00 p.m. DTC - Rooms 282/284

Staff, students and the general public may make presentations to the Board at an open meeting. A request in writing must be made to the Executive Assistant, Governance to the Board not less than ten days prior to the meeting in which the person wishes to make a presentation, together with a brief description of the issue adequate to describe the topic of presentation. All such requests will be discussed with the Chair and President and those requests approved by the Chair will be added to the agenda for an up-coming open meeting.