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If you are working alone or in isolation, you need to keep others informed. Use this form to assist in check in/out notifications to your supervisor. Find out more information about working alone or in isolation.

Fill in all the required fields below and the form will direct you to the correct actions based on your answers. Follow the instructions you have been given if multiple check in is required. Upon submission of this form, your supervisor/instructor will receive an email notification regarding working alone on campus or when you are working from home. You will receive a link to a Sign Out form which you are required to complete when you are finished working alone.

Failure to check-in/out

The following is some guidance regarding the failure of an employee to check-in/out. If an employee misses a check-in then the supervisor would be directed to try to contact the employee. If the employee can’t be contacted within a short time frame, e.g. 15 minutes, then:

When working on campus, security will be notified. If security can’t locate the employee within a reasonable time frame, e.g. 30 minutes, then the supervisor will be notified who may then follow up with the employees personal phone or family, or if the employee is still not located, the police may be contacted. SSEM will be notified of the outcome, by contacting and completing the Unsafe Condition/Act form in IRIS.

When working from home, the supervisor will follow up with the employee’s BCIT designated cell phone. If they are still unable to contact the employee, the supervisor will call the employees personal phone and if unable to reach the employee on their personal phone, then will attempt to reach their emergency contact. If the employee cannot be contacted, notify the HSE Division and complete the online Unsafe Condition/Act form in IRIS.

For more information on the Working Alone or in Isolation Procedures for Remote Work and Escalation Responses, please refer to ShareSpace.

Note: Employees should ensure their supervisor is provided with updated personal phone and emergency contact information prior to commencing remote work under the HR Remote Work Application.

Your safety is important to us. Wash or sanitize your hands after touching communal surfaces. All staff, faculty, students, and visitors are urged to stay home if they are ill. Check BCIT COVID-19 Institute response for details.

Working Alone Notification Form