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BCIT strives to be proactive in addressing all unsafe conditions, and the causes of near misses and accidents that occur on campus.

To report an unsafe condition or hazard, please report to your supervisor and complete the online Unsafe Condition/Act Report.

If you are:

  • injured
  • exposed
  • experience other incidents, such as aggressive behaviour
  • a close call (near miss)

Report to your supervisor and complete the online Staff/Student Injury Report Form.

If you are injured, exposed or not feeling well, in addition to completing the Staff/Student Injury Report form, report to first aid for assessment and treatment.

Steps to take:

  • Call First Aid to let first aid know that you require assistance, and then proceed to the first aid location or request that first aid attend to your location
  • Let your supervisor know
  • Report your incident using the online Incident Report.
  • If you’ve called 911, contact security to let them know.