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Computer workstation

The objective is to configure your workstation so that you can work in approximately the posture illustrated below, well-supported and in neutral working posture.  Recommendations are provided to adjust existing equipment, to obtain additional equipment, and “quick fix” interim solutions if additional equipment is needed but not available.

Physical Workstation Configuration Targets:

Diagram of a person seated at a workstation with guidance lines for an ergonomic setup...
Optimal workstation configuration

– top menu bar at eye height; arm’s length away; centred to nose

– no more or no less than twice the monitor brightness; 90° to window

Keyboard/mouse or worksurface
– at elbow height with relaxed shoulders

– 90° to 100° angle at knees, hips, and elbows.  Everything else straight.
Feet on the floor or well-supported in front of the chair