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BCIT’s emergency warning alert system BCIT ALERT is designed to keep the BCIT community connected to key information, and to ensure the continued safety of students and employees at the institute.

BCIT ALERT is used to communicate urgent or emergency situations and unexpected campus closures by sending a short message to your mobile device, email address or voicemail. The exception is an annual test of the system to all registrants.

NOTE:  BCIT employees and students are automatically registered for this free service. You can customize where you want the alerts to go to by logging into your BCIT Alert account using your email address (note: Users who have been automatically enrolled should first reset their password via the ‘Forgot/Reset Password’ tab, and then login into the account portal.)  You will then be able to add other devices.


Please note

This is a free service provided by BCIT; however charges from your mobile service provider may apply.

BCIT ALERT is another method of communicating to you, in addition to information posted on BCIT websites, sent via email, posted to the BCIT Safety Wise mobile app, and distributed to Lower Mainland media.

BCIT ALERT will be used to alert students and subscribers to any campus closures due to snow or inclement weather, potentially saving you an unnecessary trip to any of BCIT’s six campuses.

Privacy, consent and opting out

Collection notice for online page:

The personal information that you submit by logging into this MIR3 BCIT Alert website is collected by BCIT under the authority of sections 26(c) and 26(d) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Any personal information that you enter into the MIR3 BCIT Alert system will be used by MIR3 system only for the purpose of sending broadcast messages to BCIT employees, students and others who chose to register for the BCIT ALERT service and receive alerts from BCIT via their mobile device, email address or voicemail about urgent or emergency situations and snow closures, including an annual system test message to all registrants.

For additional information, please see BCIT’s privacy policy and MIR3’s privacy policy.

By completing the MIR3 BCIT ALERT registration form or log-in form, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your name and personal contact information (i.e. email address and/or phone number, SMS and carrier) to Onsolve MIR3 as described above and acknowledge that your information will be stored by Onsolve LLC on secure systems located in Canada.

At any time, you may “opt out” to stop receiving alerts from the BCIT MIR3 Alert System. You can deactivate your MIR3 BCIT Alert registration by logging into the MIR3 BCIT Alert portal and making a request to “unsubscribe” whereby your name and contact information will be removed from the MIR3 BCIT Alert system.

Questions about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information by BCIT may be directed to the Associate Director, Information, Privacy and Policy Management, 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby BC V5A 3H2; email: Privacy and Policy Management; Tel: 604-432-8508.

For questions about the MIR3 BCIT Alert system and for more information about campus safety and how to prepare for an emergency, visit the Emergency Management webpage or email Emergency Management, Tel: 604-432-8318.