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An emergency spill of any substance, although usually a hazardous substance, that meets any of the below requirements:

  • Any spill that enters into a body of water (e.g. Guichon Creek, Burrard Inlet) or a storm sewer.
  • The size of the spill or level of hazard of the substance is likely to cause significant impacts to health and safety, institute assets, or institute operations.
  • Any spill where you are unsure of the level of hazard or impact, or are otherwise unable to safely clean
    (e.g. lack of equipment, procedures, training, etc.).

If you have/find an emergency spill situation, please do the following steps:

  1. Report the spill to BCIT Security (604-451-6856) ASAP, then to your supervisor.
    Information to include in the report:

    • What are the contents of the spill, and approximately how much has spilled.
    • Where is the location of the spill?
    • Are there any injuries requiring first aid or 911, or is there a high hazard associated with the spill?
    • Has the spill entered any bodies of water/storm sewers?
    • When did the spill occur, or is spill caused by an ongoing release (and if so, when did it approximately start)?
    • What spill response or containment activities have been performed so far (e.g. evacuated area, placed spill socks or other spill clean-up items to contain spread, etc.)?
  2. Clear the spill area.
    • Direct people away from the spill
    • Help anyone affected by the spill go to emergency wash stations in the area as needed (e.g. emergency showers, eyewash, etc.).
    • If safe to do so, ensure any equipment or processes that may be impacted by the spill are shut off (e.g. power or gas shut-off, etc.).
  3. If safe to do so and if the necessary equipment is available, contain the spill and/or prevent further spillage.
    • Only perform this step if you have the training and spill cleaning equipment available, and only act where safe to do so.
    • Place spill socks or pads near exit routes (doorways, openings, etc.), sewers or drains, or near any equipment/assets that could be impacted by the spilled material.
    • Shut-off any active release source (e.g. closing spigot, shutting line, etc.).
    • If you are unsure if safe to act, do not do the task.
  4. Remain in a safe location until BCIT security and other emergency spill response arrive.
    • Provide any further information to spill response personnel.
    • You will not be required to re-enter the spill site unless BCIT HSE deems it safe to do so.
  5. Report the spill incident in IRIS.