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HVAC systems operate to supply outdoor air to occupied spaces, constantly exchanging the air within spaces with filtered, outdoor air. This provides comfortable indoor conditions and prevents the accumulation of nuisance odours, pollutants, and irritants in indoor air.

BCIT Facilities Services follows a rigorous Best Practices preventative maintenance program designed to ensure that all aspects of HVAC systems operations are regularly inspected, verified, and managed. A sophisticated work flow management system generates and assigns all required proactive maintenance tasks to in-house building trades and specialized contractors. All the work is tracked to ensure it is completed on schedule. Most of these activities are held to account by provincial regulatory bodies who inspect and issue official permits allowing BCIT to operate regulated systems and equipment.

Some ongoing maintenance activities by BCIT Facilities Services include:

  • Exhaustive quarterly HVAC servicing including replacement of all primary air filters.
  • For applicable systems, upgrading all secondary air filters to MERV 12-14 where possible, replacing every 24-months.
  • A 24/7/365 Engineering presence on campus performing daily physical inspection rounds, enhanced with mobile web hosted building monitoring technology.
  • Regular indoor air quality surveys and HVAC equipment audits at all buildings and campuses to verify comfort conditions for occupants.

If your workspace is uncomfortable or if you have ventilation concerns, please submit a work request. Facilities Services staff will attend your work space to troubleshoot and correct any issues. Facilities is happy to share IAQ survey results and can conduct instantaneous carbon dioxide testing to measure the adequacy of ventilation given space occupancy.