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BCIT takes life safety issues seriously. BCIT Procedure 7100-PR3 Fire Prevention and Preparedness and the associated BCIT Fire Safety Program are integral documents that clarify the roles and responsibilities of all institute stakeholders towards ensuring Fire Safety on BCIT campuses and compliance with applicable codes and statutes.

Two firemen dressed in yellow suits work with equipment.

The BCIT Fire Safety Program provides an outline of fire safety procedures and general requirements relating to:

  • Legislative compliance
  • Fire prevention
  • Building occupancy
  • Inspection, testing and maintenance of life safety equipment
  • Building fire plans
  • Fire wardens
  • Fire drills
  • Procedures to follow in case of a fire event or false alarm

BCIT Procedure 7100-PR3 Fire Prevention and Preparedness online [PDF].

BCIT Fire Safety Program online [PDF].

For general information in relation to Fire Safety please see Frequently Asked Questions.

Intentional False Alarms

A false alarm is an intentional activation of a fire alarm when no emergency exists. This does not include malfunctions of the alarm system. False alarms have the potential for causing panic and harm to building occupants unnecessarily. Anyone caught making a false alarm at BCIT will be subject to criminal charges and will be referred for disciplinary action by the appropriate department.