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For employees

The key and card access request system for all campuses is managed by the Safety, Security and Emergency Management (SSEM) office.

Requests are submitted by the authorized requestor(s) of the department or school, using the Safety and Security Request system found on ShareSpace.

If you require key or card access, contact your Operations Manager for the name of the authorized requestor(s) of your area, or for the area required.

BCIT Employees wanting to become an authorized requestor on the Safety and Security Request system should complete the ShareSpace authorization form.

How to submit an authorization request

The following types of requests can be made using the request system ShareSpace:

  • Key order requests
  • Lock repairs
  • Lock re-keying
  • Lock system updates/changes
  • Lock installations
  • Locksmith work requests
  • Card access requests and cancellations
  • After-hours building access (students only)

For students

A BCIT Student card is required for card access or key pick up.

Student’s requiring keys or card access must contact their instructor or program coordinator who will make a request on their behalf.