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Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, BCIT Occupational Health and Safety have developed a process to help ensure that service providers are able to attend BCIT campuses while keeping the transmission risk to the BCIT community low.

The purpose of this process to communicate to external service providers the policies, procedures, and expectations BCIT has implemented to limit COVID-19 transmission risk, and for services providers to indicate how they will meet these expectations. The ultimate goal is to ensure practices are in place such that the presence of external personnel at BCIT does not increase the transmission risk to the BCIT Community. This process applies to all external service providers, from individuals providing instructional or administrative services to maintenance contractors to major campus projects. The purpose of the following steps are to outline how a BCIT employee retaining the services of a service provide can do so while maintaining the health and safety of the institute.

Provide your Service Providers with the COVID-19 Information for Service Providers Sheet

The purpose of the Information for Service Providers Sheet is to inform service providers of protocols in place to protect their health and safety while attending BCIT, the expectations for the conduct to protect our community’s health and safety during their attendance, and to highlight what is needed from them in order to attend a BCIT campus.

The document must be provided to all service providers attending BCIT prior to their arrival. Any ongoing service providers currently attending the campus should be provided with a copy of the document for their reference.

NOTE: The COVID-19 Information for Service Providers Sheet should be included with all contractor safety documentation for all construction, maintenance, and equipment service projects.

Service Provider Attendance Notification

Prior to attending campus, a representative from a service provider must submit a COVID-19 Service Provider Attendance Form to their BCIT contact person. The forms must be sent for each period of consecutive attendance. The Service Provider completes the first part of the form, indicating:

  • They have understood and will follow BCIT’s COVID-19 Prevention expectations.
  • Identifying what days attending campus, buildings and rooms being accessed.
  • Identifying what if any accommodations BCIT needs to coordinate (e.g. washroom access).
  • Providing a list of names of all personnel attending BCIT during the visit.

NAME LIST EXCEPTION: If undergoing the process for a major project run by a prime/general contractor, where the staff are working in a designated work area and have no interactions with the BCIT community (e.g. entering/working in buildings, public spaces), a list of names does not need to be provided

The BCIT contact must complete the second part of the form to indicate what measures they will coordinate to facilitate the visit and ensure the health and safety of the institute. The BCIT Contact may also help complete the first part of the form, but only prior to the service provider representative signing the document.

BCIT OHS must be notified if the proposed work requires service providers to work in close proximity to members of the BCIT community that cannot be controlled without using personal protective equipment. In such situations, BCIT OHS must be provided with a copy of the service provider’s safe work procedures for review. At the bottom of the form, please indicate if BCIT OHS must review the form and provide the reason.

Upon completing the document, submit the form to BCIT OHS to provide notification of the service provider visit.


Service Providers are able to proceed with work, unless:

  • After submission, BCIT OHS indicates otherwise to the BCIT Contact.
  • The form has indicated that the work requires close proximity to the BCIT Community , or other risk factors, requiring the submission, and review, of safe work procedures.

BCIT OHS will sign the bottom of the form when required to review service provider COVID-19 documentation. In these scenarios, BCIT OHS will notify the BCIT contact for the visit upon completion of review and approval.

All approved Service Provider Attendance Notification Forms will be posted on the BCIT Sharespace.

Forms and documents for contractors