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Many staff, faculty and students in the BCIT community may be watching news coverage of the potential flood situation in British Columbia, and be planning for its potential effect on their personal lives and employment. BCIT is monitoring the situation and we encourage you, and your family, to engage in necessary preparations to ensure your safety and security. Should flooding occur, organizations and employees would understandably both be focused on possible evacuation and relocation as well as contingency planning.

Preparing for potential flooding in BC

Organizations and public bodies across the province are preparing for potential flooding, and the Government of British Columbia has established a hotline which can provide critical information. The flood information line can be reached at 1-888-350-6070. Additional information is available online through Emergency Management BC.

If you live in a flood-risk area, check with your local municipality for information on flood planning in your community. Ensure that you have an up-to-date emergency kit, and that you have made plans to stay with friends or co-workers who live in areas that will not be affected by flooding and disrupted transportation routes.