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BCIT has a number of radioactive sources and radiation emitting devices on our campuses.  The Radiation Safety Program ensures that a safe and secure working environment is promoted and maintained for staff, students and visitors. The radiation safety program at BCIT is committed to the promotion of the concept of ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) with respect to minimizing radiation exposure through:

  • well planned management of work practices,
  • appropriate training and qualification of its personnel,
  • compliance with all regulatory requirements,
  • careful consideration of locations of radioactive substances
  • developing guidelines for the safe handling, storage and disposal of radioactive substances and
  • developing strategic emergency procedures.

Radiation safety committee

The Radiation Safety Committee together with the Radiation Safety Officer are committed to providing a safe working environment for staff , students and visitors on all BCIT campuses employing ionizing or non-ionizing radiation sources. As part of the Health, Safety and Environment division, this group provides training, advice and emergency response to the BCIT community.

The purpose of this committee is to promote, maintain and audit safe working practices using radiation sources within the framework of the Canadian national regulatory bodies.

Contact Number
Radiation Safety Officer Joe Cortese 604-451-6993
778-928-2396 (c)
Environmental Health Fred Shaw 604-432-8972
Chemistry Kevin Soulsbury 604-456-8131
Industrial Instrumentation Jim Armstrong 604-432-8814
Medical Radiography Zahra Kurji 604-432-8743
Nuclear Medicine Joe Cortese 604-451-6993

Radiation safety manual

A Radiation Safety Manual has been developed to ensure radiation safety and compliance with the relevant requirements. This manual includes;

  • operating policies and procedures,
  • roles and responsibilities,
  • hazard labels,
  • training requirements,
  • audit protocols,
  • etc.

Contractor radiation safety

The Radiation Safety Team at BCIT has developed some online training programs.

The Contractor Radiation Safety Course is designed to introduce the learner to the concepts or radiation and radiation safety. There are several areas at BCIT housing sources that emit radiation. This course will describe;

  • what radiation is,
  • how to identify it,
  • how it can have an effect on our body and
  • how to stay safe around it.

The Contractor Radiation Safety Course can be found at BCIT Employee Learning Center. To request access to this course, contact BCIT Health, Safety and Environment.

The BCIT Radiation Safety Program must adhere to a number of regulations. Below are a list of the primary sources of these regulations

If you have any questions, comments or concerns in regards to the BCIT Radiation Safety Program, please contact our Radiation Safety Officer, Joe Cortese.