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A 3-Year Strategic Plan was updated for 2013–2015 to give the Emergency Management Program more structure.

Emergency management program

The Emergency Management Program has a comprehensive enterprise risk management strategy.  The following shows the structure of the new program and related plans.  The items shown in green represent common elements of the program – a Policy Statement, Program Directive and Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Assessment. From these flow two distinct operational response areas: Emergency Response, and Business Continuity.  Although complimentary these two areas are addressed separately by BCIT. Both the Business Continuity Plan and Emergency Response Plan flow into the recovery phase of emergency management with a common Recovery Plan.

Program Validation/Exercises and Program Maintenance are again common elements of the program and represent plans necessary to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of BCIT’s Emergency Management Program.

Emergency Management Program Diagram [PDF]

Each of the four functional plans, Program Directive, Emergency Response, Recovery and Business Continuity include a number of supporting annexes which describe a wide scope of functional activities which support each phase of emergency management.

Hazard, risk vulnerability assessment

The Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment is updated as needed. Latest update: 2020.  This covers all the campuses, identifies the hazards that threaten BCIT, assesses the risk of each hazard and recommends measures that can be taken to prevent or mitigate the impact of the identified hazards.

Related Policies and Procedures:

Student Regulations Policy 5101 [PDF]

Harassment and Discrimination Policy 7507 [PDF]

Response to Abusive or Threatening Behaviour Procedure 7100-PR15 [PDF]

Emergency Management Policy 7110 [PDF]