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How to get first aid treatment

The first aid services at BCIT are available to respond to illness, injury or exposure concerns by any BCIT employee, student, or visitor. BCIT First Aid will treat any patients who attend the first aid office room, or will respond to a campus location to provide treatment as needed. To receive first aid treatment:

If you are injured/ill/exposed

1. Request/Seek treatment from BCIT First Aid by:

  • Visiting the campus first aid location (see First Aid Contact Information below), if able.
  • Request BCIT First Aid to attend your location by contacting them directly (see First Aid Contact Information Below).
  • Contact BCIT Security (604-451-6856) to request first aid treatment.
  • Request first aid using the Safety Wise App.

2. Notify your supervisor/instructor as soon as possible.

3. Report your incident:

4. If you have been injured please see the following guides for more information.

Report all injuries, even minor injuries, to your Supervisor/Instructor and First Aid.

Call 911 if you think the injury/illness/exposure requires emergency treatment.

After calling 911 – notify BCIT security so they can coordinate emergency services and mobilize BCIT first aid to attend the injury site. BCIT Security can be notified by:

  • Calling BCIT Security (604-451-6856)
  • Calling BCIT Security and asking them to make the 911 call.
  • Calling 911 directly using the Safety-Wise App.

BCIT First Aid will attend even if emergency services were called to provide immediate treatment until emergency service arrive.

For a summary of BCIT’s first aid services, please watch the following video or review.