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We are implementing guidelines for any employee working alone or in isolation to ensure that safe work protocols are addressed on campus, at job sites, out in the field and working remotely.

As defined by WorkSafeBC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 4.20.1, an employee is determined to be working alone or in isolation if working in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available, specifically:

  • In case of an emergency, or
  • In case of injury or ill health

Assessing the risk

Before an employee is assigned to work alone or in isolation, an assessment must be conducted. All current Working Alone or in Isolation Assessments can be found here.

Check-in procedures

If employees are identified as working alone or in isolation during the assessment, a procedure for checking in at specific intervals will be implemented. All Working Alone or in Isolation Procedures can be found here.

BCIT working alone and notification form

This BCIT Working Alone Notification Form is a free check-in notification system available to all BCIT departments and schools. When an employee checks in using the BCIT Working Alone Notification Form, an email notification is sent to their Supervisor or Manager. Those receiving the notification email should file these emails in a folder in their email to track the check-ins. Managers/Supervisors must monitor their emails to ensure that employees check out at the required time.

Aware 360 programs

Aware 360 is a purchased working alone check-in program (phone application (app) or text-in service). Departments purchase the application or text-in service. (With the app, employees download it to their BCIT designated cellphone.)

The application and text-in service sends text message reminders and phone calls to the employee’s BCIT cellphone starting from 15 minutes before the required check-in.

Lone Worker Solutions monitors the application and is responsible for initiating the escalation response if an employee misses their required check-in.

If departments are interested in using and purchasing the Aware 360 App or the text-in/call-in programs for their check-in system (working alone on campus, in the field or while working remotely), please contact the HSE Division.

Working from home (remote work)

Employees working remotely are considered working alone and are required to check in at the beginning and end of shift using the BCIT Working Alone Notification Form or Aware 360 Program Application or Text-in Service (whichever is applicable to their department/school). If you are unsure which check-in notification system to use (Working Alone Notification Form or Aware 360) please contact your supervisor/manager.


Guide and resources

For more information or specific guides, please refer here. Some guides include: Working Alone or in Isolation Program Guide for Employees and Working Alone or in Isolation Program Guide for Supervisors  which can be found under “Working Alone Resources” on ShareSpace.