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We are implementing guidelines for any employee working alone or in isolation to ensure that safe work protocols are addressed on campus.

As defined by WorkSafeBC’s Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 4.20.1, an employee is determined to be working alone or in isolation if working in circumstances where assistance would not be readily available, specifically:

  • In case of an emergency, or
  • In case of injury or ill health

In order to determine whether or not assistance is readily available, the following conditions should be considered:

  • Presence of others: Are other people in the vicinity?
  • Awareness: Will others capable of providing assistance be aware of the worker’s need?
  • Willingness: Is it reasonable to expect assistance will be provided?
  • Timeliness: Will assistance be provided within a reasonable period of time?

Providing employees with electronic means of communication, such as a phone, radio, or personal alarm, does not guarantee that the condition of “assistance that is readily available” has been met. If an employee cannot be seen or heard by persons capable of providing assistance in a timely manner, then they should be regarded as working alone or in isolation.

If you are unclear if you are considered to be working alone, please contact your supervisor.

Check-in procedures

written procedure for checking the well-being of employees assigned to work alone or in isolation by their supervisor must be developed and implemented, including:

  • At minimum, a check-in at the beginning and at the end of the shift, when working alone.
  • High risk activities will require shorter time intervals between checks, where, for example, there is a greater risk of injury.
  • Procedures for checking an employee’s well-being, including time intervals between the checks, to be developed in consultation with the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) and with the employee assigned to work alone or in isolation.
  • Check-ins may be by email, text or phone call.

The recommended tool for the check-in is the Working Alone Notification form:

  • Consistent information is gathered by the form. Once the form is complete and submitted by the employee, a notification will be sent to your supervisor automatically by email, with a copy sent to you, so that you have a record of the information submitted.
  • An automatic reminder, triggered by a rule that is embedded in the form will be sent to the employee to check-out at the end of the work day.
  • For more information please refer to the Working Alone ShareSpace.