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Please note the Payment Options for BCIT.

Part-time Studies course fees

Note: In some cases, students may see a slightly higher tuition fee at the Burnaby Campus than the other campuses (Downtown, BMC, ATC) for duplicate course offerings. This is reflective of a Student Association Student Centre Building fee, passed through a 2017 BCIT Student Association referendum. Learn more

Whether you plan to enrol in a part-time program or study on a course-by-course basis, you can find the cost for your part-time course in our online course catalogue. Tuition fees appear with information for each course offering, as in the following example:

For a more accurate idea of the total cost of a course, visit the BCIT Bookstore for a list of any required textbooks for the course you are considering, to get a more accurate idea of the total cost of the course.

Additional fees apply for international students. Please review International fees for part-time studies.

Costs covered by part-time studies course fees 2018-2019

Here is what's included in your part-time studies course fees.

On Campus (All Campuses)
Regular Enrolment & Industry Services
Distance & Online Learning
Student Association Activity* $17.07 per course $8.54 per course
Student Association Capital Levy* $2.28 per course
Student Association Student Centre
 $7.14 per course
(This is a new fee for Part-time Studies courses delivered at the Burnaby campus with start dates from January 2018 onwards)
Building $5.50 per course for courses that are less than 3 credits to a maximum of $22.00 per term. $11.00 per course for courses that are 3 or more credits to a maximum of $22.00 per term. Exempt
BCIT ID card $2.50 per term if the course is 30 hours or more.
Learn more about the BCIT ID card.

You can see the breakdown of the course fees that you have paid through your myBCIT account. Click on Online Self Service then Student Self Service and Account Balance and Summary to display your fees term by term.

Paying for part-time studies courses

Fees for part-time courses must be paid at the time of registration using one of the following methods:

  1. Cash or debit card (in person only)
  2. Cheque or money order payable to BCIT - please include your BCIT ID (student number)
  3. Online banking (bill payment) through your financial institution using BCIT - Tuition as the payee
  4. Letter of sponsorship authorization for invoicing by BCIT
Note: BCIT does not accept credit card payments for tuition or rent. BCIT will no longer be providing support or assistance with dispute resolution to students who choose to use Plastiq as a third party payment service provider in order to pay for tuition, rent, or other services.  and will not be responsible for any fees incurred for such payments or returns.

If paying by online banking, please use your BCIT ID (student number) as your account number. Please allow up to 48 hours for online bill payments to be posted to your account.

BCIT accepts payment from all Canadian banks and credit unions, and this is the recommended method for paying your fees.  For more information view Payment Options at BCIT

Find out more about registering and paying for part-time studies courses.

Confirmation of registration and payment

You can view and print your course/tuition receipt through your myBCIT account. Check your classroom location online on the first day of your course.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Student Information & Enrolment Services.

NSF (non-sufficient funds) cheques

If your cheque has been returned as 'NSF' your registration will be cancelled.

Part-time Studies program declaration fee

View information on how and when to declare in a part-time studies program here

Program Declaration Fee - Domestic Effective January 7th, 2016
Program Declaration Fee - International Effective January 7th, 2016

Fees for part-time programs

The cost of a part-time program is the total of the separate course fees.

If you are accepted into a part-time program leading to a degree, tuition is assessed on a course-by-course basis. If you are completing your degree on a part-time basis, part-time studies fees and refunding information and policies apply.

Fees for full-time studies courses taken on a part-time basis

Even though you're studying on a part-time basis, you may be able to enrol in a course that is part of a full-time program. The fee is calculated based on a certain dollar amount per credit plus full-time ancillary fees.

To register for one of these courses, you must also pay an application fee: $90 for domestic students; $154 for international students. Contact the program area to apply.

Payment is due upon course registration. Full-time refund policies apply.

Refunds and withdrawals from part-time studies courses

Refund information, including the deadline, will be provided when you register for a course. Special fees for some courses are non-refundable, and different refund requirements may apply.

Early registration refund policy

Students who drop out or transfer 31 days prior to the course start date will receive a 100 per cent tuition refund, and there is no charge to transfer.

Although course refund deadlines vary, for most courses, you will receive a full refund, less 15 per cent, if you withdraw after the early registration refund deadline but by the refund deadline.

How to withdraw from a course

By the refund deadline:
Contact Student Information and Enrolment Services or use the Part-time Course Withdrawal form [PDF] prior to, or on, the refund deadline date. Refund deadline dates are listed on your tuition receipt, or see the table below for general guidelines. If you are an international student, find out more about your specific fees and refunds.

After the refund deadline:
After the refund deadline you must submit a completed, signed Part-time Course Withdrawal form [PDF]. Even if you have missed the refund or withdrawal deadline, it is very important to notify BCIT of your intent to withdraw. Contact Student Information and Enrolment Services for assistance if you have questions.

Late withdrawals are subject to program area approval and will not be considered without applicable documentation. Remember to formally withdraw to ensure your permanent academic record, your GPA and your ability to qualify for future awards and recognition are not affected.

Part-time Courses Deadline Refund
Classroom-based - Specific Course Start and End Date:

Any duration

Course is more than 4 weeks

Course is 4 weeks or less

31 days prior to the class start date

Prior to the 2nd class

One week prior to the class start date

100% tuition

85% tuition

85% tuition
Distance/Online Learning - Specific Course Start and End Date:

Any duration

Course is more than 4 weeks

Course is 4 weeks or less

31 days prior to the class start date

Within 2 weeks of the course start date

One week prior to the class start date

100% tuition

85% tuition

85% tuition
Distance/Online Learning - Course Begins the Day of Registration
(Continual Entry):

Course is more than 2 weeks

Course is 2 weeks or less

Within 2 weeks of registration/course start date

Not applicable

100% tuition

No refund

Refund process

Please allow up to four weeks for all refunds to be issued plus mailing time.  Refunds are issued by cheque made payable to the student. The exception to this is refunds issued where a third party was invoiced. In those instances, the refund will be made payable to the third party.

How to follow up a refund request

If you have not received your refund, please contact Student Information and Enrolment Services at 604-434-1610 or toll free at 1-866-434-1610 (Canada and US only). Allow for processing—up to four weeks plus mailing time.

To transfer from one course to another

Visit us in person or call BCIT at 604-434-1610 or toll-free at 1-866-434-1610 (Canada and US only) to request a transfer from one course to another. The transfer is subject to a $16 fee and must be requested and processed by the refund deadline. No transfer fee will be charged if the transfer is requested 31 days or more before the start date of the course.

Financial aid

If you need financial assistance when it comes to tuition, contact BCIT's Student Financial Aid and Awards. We can help guide you to scholarships, bursaries, awards and more.