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Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

SDG 13: Climate Action

UN SDG 13 Climate Action Icon.

Post-secondary institutions, in general, are positioned well to advance efforts to address sustainability challenges through education, research, and translation to practice across their campuses as microcosms of society. In British Columbia, contributions to sustainability are part of the government mandate to the post-secondary education sector, which specifically requests that institutions align their operations with provincial climate strategy objectives around greenhouse gas reduction, renewable energy, and supporting technological innovation.

Our leadership team is unequivocal in its pursuit of sustainability. We recognize that inequitable resource consumption is at the heart of climate change and is an urgent global challenge. Although climate action and adaptation will remain at the forefront of our academic, operational, and partnership efforts, we will also strive to uncover the deeper systemic causes and to address other sustainability challenges. Through shaping the knowledge and actions of our students and partners in the workplace, we aim to inspire and mobilize change across industry and society, underpinned by best practices across our campuses.

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